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Nurturing An Attitude Of Success

Are you nurturing an attitude of success? Maybe you define it as having a stable job in a large company where there’s opportunity for growth, or owning a home.  I know I did for a long time.  Or maybe like me my new vision of success includes owning your own business or backpacking through Europe every five years. Your personal success goals most likely also include spiritual, relationship, and other life aspirations. Whatever your perspective may be, one of your primary tasks in life is to cultivate your own good fortune. What will you do to welcome success into your life? Try these ideas for cultivating the success you seek: Tell yourself you’re worthy of success. What you say to yourself every day contributes greatly to the type of life you live. So, say to yourself that you’re worth whatever it takes to be successful. You know you deserve it. Be very … [Read More...]

Staying Stress-Free Tips

how to reduce stress

Do You Struggle with Wanting a Quick Solution That Creates Even More Stress and Overwhelm?

Are you struggling with Wanting a quick solution creates even more stress and overwhelm? If you're a entreprenuers who struggles with Wanting a quick solution creates even more stress and overwhelm, then read this immediately because the solution is inside this article. Typically this problem presents itself in 3 stages. Let's take a closer look at each stage and how to solve it. Stage #1:  "Wanting a quick solution creates even more stress and overwhelm" How do you describe the problem at this stage?  At this stage you probably haven’t even figured out what your stress is all about.  You may know you’re feeling a little anxious but really haven’t taken the time to figure out why. First take your time.  Do some introspective thinking about why you’re actually feeling the way you’re feeling.  A quick solution can work if you know what you are creating the solution for.  If you find that you completed some techniques to get rid of your stress only to feel … [Read More...]

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