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It’s Time To Start Thinking Outside the Box

The phrase is believed to come from a nine dot puzzle (a square of 3x3 dots). The rules of the puzzle are to connect all the dots using only straight lines in such a way as to do it in the least amount of lines. All of the dots must be used. The square of dots is considered to be the box. The solution requires you to draw outside the square (box). You draw a line through the first row of dots. Then extend the line outside the box (to the right) so that you can draw a line to diagonally connect the last dot of the second row with the middle dot of the third row. Again, you extend that diagonal line outside the box until you can draw another line through the entire first column of dots. Then you simply draw a diagonal line down the middle to complete the connection to the rest of the dots. The solution can be seen graphically … [Read More...]

Staying Stress-Free Tips

Avoid These 3 Things That Can Cause Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can come in many shapes and forms, but chances are that it’s caused by one of these three things. And that’s some good information to have. If you know what’s causing you to doubt that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do, you can work on overcoming it and with it gain the confidence you need to get started. Lack Of Confidence The first big reason why you may doubt yourself, is that you don’t have enough confidence in yourself and what you’re doing. A lack of confidence can be a big issue. Realizing that it is your lack in faith in yourself and your abilities that’s causing your doubt issues can help you overcome them by working on boosting your confidence. Lack Of Knowledge Or Experience Another common reason is that you simply don’t have the experience you think you need, or that you don’t think you know everything there is to know before you get started on something, apply for that new job, or implement a new strategy in your business. Once you’ve … [Read More...]

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