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Fail and know what not to do next time.

People can be so afraid of failure that they do everything imaginable to avoid it. They avoid taking any chances because if they try something and it doesn’t work out, they will be looked upon as a failure. To make matters worse, we often see successful people profiles in the media and think they must either be geniuses or they were naturals at what they did. And yet, if you look closely at the lives of these people, you will discover a much different picture. What is not shown is all the hundreds of times these people have failed, prior to being successful. Failure is a great tool to figure out what not to do the next time around. If something you tried didn’t work, that is no reason to give up on your project. It should be used as a road map to reevaluate what went wrong and to adjust to try and make it work. Sometimes, you may need some help as you won’t know why what you … [Read More...]

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How Confidence Leads to Influence

Becoming confident is a big step in being more influential. When you exude confidence, that will show through to others. They will have  no choice but to see you as someone that has a handle on situations. The good news is confidence is not something you are born with. Sure, some people naturally are confident and it is easier for them to be that way. Confidence is something that can be learned. It may take rethinking some of your beliefs but it is possible. The first step towards being confident is to learn as much as you can about the situations you are in. Knowledge is power. If you have the necessary knowledge, you will be in a position to answer questions that arise. This makes you authoritative in the minds of those that are not as well versed. Few can argue with you when you have that authority. Next up is to define what you want to accomplish. Know what the desired end result should be and work back from that. Many people try to wing it and go with the flow, thinking … [Read More...]

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