Linda Hampton RN, MSN – Exit Strategist

Linda Hampton RN Exit Strategist Hi I’m Linda Hampton.  A  health care administrator, nurse, serial entrepreneur and corporate drop -out.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step by acknowledging you are ready to quit your job.

After more than 30 years of a successful career, I stepped away to create a passion and purpose based business on my terms. Really I didn’t just step away I took the big leap.

And I’m guessing that if you’re anything like me you’ve ready to leave a current career (or pretty close to it) and are building your business around your passion too.

You’re ready to transition your life from WorkingPreneur to full-time Entrepreneur.

If doesn’t matter whether you’re a coach or consultant, if you’re struggling to monetize your business, get clients or leverage the business you have, then it’s time to learn exactly how to create profits from your passion.

Not long ago, I led a very stressful life. I was overworked, over committed, trying to manage a full-time stressful job, an business from my home and still trying to be active in the lives of my grandchildren. I almost ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and high blood pressure. “The funny thing is, I didn’t know how unhappy I was in my current situation until after I took the big leap.”

Now it’s not just about making money, it’s a lot deeper than that – if you’re anything like me or my clients you may have an experience or message you feel you must share in order to help others. It’s actually your passion or calling.

If you’re a late bloomer like me remember it’s never too late to live your purpose even after  years of working in corporate I was able to take my best skills and passion and turn them into a business that provides a lot more freedom and flexibility to enjoy every element of my life.

Leaving your “safe job” is more mindset then any other technique you can learn about building a business.  Maybe your friends and family are not too thrilled about you leaving your job.  But here’s the thing about your corporate career.  There is no such thing as job security.  You are an employee at will of the company and they can close the doors or fire you or replace you  any time.  If you have the ability to earn money on your own… that’s job security

In additional to my formal training, I educated myself on a variety topics related to stress relief, personal development and growth. Some of the topics that I am passionate about and practice are: relaxation techniques, alternative healing, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, nutrition for stress relief, NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming), communication, motivation, spirituality, weight release,  EFT (emotional freedom technique), Pilates and Tai Chi.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my vast experience it’s that when you discover your passion, find your message, unleash your talents and use them to help others, you’ll be able to earn a living from what you know and love doing every single day.  Working your passion is not work at all.  It’s pure joy of new adventures you have each and every day.

My gift passion and mission  is helping WorkingPreneurs to manage their stress management, time management, productivity, energy management, and more so they can truly  uncover their message,  monetize it (in the form of products, programs and services), design,  deliver and sell their services.

Through my 1:1 services, products, programs and group coaching, you’ll learn how to make  manage your mindset so that you can make money with your message, build your list, attract clients, become a sought after expert and grow and monetize your business.

Linda Hampton RN, MSN is a Exit Strategist specializing in helping entrepreneurs find the courage  and tools to leave their corporate  job.

Ready to begin?

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Linda Hampton is an  Exit  Strategist,  Health Coach specializing in helping her clients transition from a full time job to an Entrepreneur.  She lives in Southern New Jersey and enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren.   

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