6 Simple Tip for Dealing with Overwhelm and Pressure

If you aren’t careful, pressure can sneak up and overwhelm you. Before you know it, you’re a mess. Sitting in your chair, sweating, heart racing, focus pressureand dreading the thought of doing any work. Fortunately there are some tricks to dealing with pressure. With a little practice, you can turn nerve-wracking stress into pure motivation.

Count Backwards

It sounds simple, but counting backwards from 100 is a great way to distract yourself from pressure and reset your mindset. This easy trick is the perfect way to get started doing a task that you’ve been putting off. Simply sit back, close your eyes, and count backwards thinking only of the numbers instead of what is stressing you out.


Meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress according to numerous medical studies. Clearing your mind from all thought and concentrating on your breathing leaves no room in your head to fixate and focus on what’s bothering you. Learning to meditate is one of the best ways to beat chronic stress and overwhelming pressure that there is.


Nothing works like exercise when it comes to dealing with pressure. Not only does the act itself take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out, it also helps your brain to release positive endorphins that can make you feel great. People who exercise regularly report feeling less stress and pressure at work and at home.

Believe in Yourself

Positive thinking can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. The simple act of believing in yourself and knowing that you’re doing your best is a great way to turn pressure into motivation. The next time you’re faced with overwhelming pressure, tell yourself that you can do it. Whatever tasks lay before you, think positively about them and envision yourself completing them.

Enjoy What You Do

It never hurts to enjoy what you do, although this can be a difficult way of dealing with pressure. Look for the little things in the task that you like doing and complete them. You’ll find that once you start working you’re motivated to keep going. People who enjoy their jobs report feeling less pressure and higher levels of motivation than those who don’t like what they do for a living.

Stand Up and Take a Break

If nothing else is working, then stand up and take a break. Taking 5 minutes for yourself every hour is a great way to reset and refocus on the task at hand. Studies have shown that people who socialize at work, or even just stand up and stretch their legs, get more done than those who sit at their desk worrying over the task at hand.

5 Key Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Everyone has habits; both good and bad. These are behaviours undertaken every day automatically. Successful people intentionally create successhabits, healthy habits, power of habit,  bad habits habits that enable them to achieve the life they desire. They are prepared to invest their time in creating these habits as they understand that they will help them to reach their goal.

 Creating new habits has to be an intentional process and generally takes 21 days for the new behaviour to be assimilated into daily life and routines.

Successful people tend to adopt the same habits. These success habits become part of their daily lives and help to keep them successful as they understand that the journey to success is not final. It continually moves as they need to keep growing in terms of achievement.

An entrepreneur may set his goal of achieving success at selling services worth 5 figures in one year. However, once that goal has been achieved he will re-evaluate his definition of success and set another goal for the following year.

Generally, the following five habits will be key to gaining success and maintaining it.

 Positive Mind-set: having a positive mind-set can be learned. It will require mental programming (changing your thinking patterns). There are various ways to create a positive mind-set including using positive affirmations, visualization, self-hypnosis or coaching.

One of the most crucial factors in succeeding in anything is to believe that you can achieve it.

 Exercise and Healthy Eating: taking care of the body through exercise, diet and good sleep routines is another crucial component. Research has shown a strong mind-body connection. By taking care of your body you are preventing ill-health from causing you problems on your way to achieving your goal.

Prioritization: successful people plan and they prioritize. They decide what the essential elements or tasks are each day and act on those first. By knowing which tasks will help them achieve their goal they are continuing to act on the plan for success that they created.

Delegating inessential tasks ensures that they get completed but do not detract from your ultimate goal.

 Goal Setting: identifying the end goal and creating a plan is another essential habit. Without a goal you won’t know what you are aiming for. All successful people know what success means to them and plan how to achieve it.

Life-long Learning: whether it is reading, taking a course or listening to audio recordings, successful people understand that knowledge is power and a crucial aspect of helping them to achieve their goals. They stay up-to-date on relevant industry information, new trends and innovations. This is built into their daily routine.

These are just five of the key habits of successful people. By adopting these success habits into your daily routine you will be creating a stronger, healthier and more successful version of you.

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Focus Better Through The Power of Exercise

So often we scramble to get a lot accomplished in a day and succeed only to realize, in retrospect that those things we accomplished won’t get focus us where we want to go.  It’s not lack of effort.  It’s lack of direction and focus.

The connection between the mind and body has been proven time and time again.  If you’re having trouble with focus, there are several physical exercises you can perform that will help you to have more concentration.

Exercises that get your blood flowing quickly are the best for a quick pick-me-up.  These help blood flow to your brain increase and allow you to have the ability to focus more easily.  Exercises such as jumping rope, running, and performing squats can help to give you this quick burst of brain power.

And the good news is that a quick exercise routine can give you as much as three hours of improved focus afterwards.  If you begin your day with exercise, you’ll have more focus in those early hours of work.  A quick routine midday can help you beat the afternoon blahs.

Those exercises are important when it comes to dealing with a single incidence of trouble focusing, but you also want to think about long-term effectiveness.  Some people have difficulty focusing as a result of depression.

You may actually be experiencing depression and not even know it.  Creating a habit of exercising at least three times a week can actually improve your mood and help ward off depression that keeps you from being able to concentrate on tasks.

The best exercises tend to be those you enjoy and will commit to doing over a long period of time.  This could include taking a walk, cycling, jogging, rollerblading, playing tennis, or any other activity that helps increase your heart rate a few times a week.

Exercising regularly also helps your body to manage the effects of stress.  Stress can often be responsible for problems with focusing.  By developing an exercise routine you can keep stress from paralyzing you and causing you to lose focus on the end goals.

You may wonder how exercise can actually improve your focus.  One of the ways it helps is by increasing the endorphins in your brain.  These are chemicals that help you to feel good and actually improve your brain’s ability to function at its peak performance.

Exercise also helps you to let go of some of the distracting thoughts that are preventing you from focusing.  Finally, exercise helps to improve your self-confidence and reduces physical anxiety.  It also helps you to sleep better.  All of these things add up to better focus as you carry out daily tasks.

If you’re struggling to stay focused throughout your day, give exercise a try.  You don’t have to spend hours and hours each day to get the effects.  Try taking a 30 minute walk a few times a week and you’ll begin to see your focus improve.

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Don’t be Afraid of Failure

People can be so afraid of failure that they do everything imaginable to avoid it. They avoid taking any chances because if they try something and  24555232_sit doesn’t work out, they will be looked upon as a failure. To make matters worse, we often see successful people profiles in the media and think they must either be geniuses or they were naturals at what they did. And yet, if you look closely at the lives of these people, you will discover a much different picture. What is not shown is all the hundreds of times these people have failed, prior to being successful.

Failure is a great tool to figure out what not to do the next time around. If something you tried didn’t work, that is no reason to give up on your project. It should be used as a road map to reevaluate what went wrong and to adjust to try and make it work.

Sometimes, you may need some help as you won’t know why what you tried was a failure. In this case, it may be worth it to find a mentor who can evaluate what you are doing and help you to get back on track. This may cost you some money upfront, but good mentors are certainly worth it if they can produce results for you.

Even if you decide to try everything on your own, seek out influential people that can help you by reading about what they have done and how they handled their own failures. There are several biographies of famous people and what it took them to get where they are.

There is a side benefit to failure and that is showing others your tenacity. By keeping on evaluating what went wrong and never letting it get you too down, it is hard to imagine that you won’t succeed. There will always be setbacks, and sometimes it may be necessary to take alternative measures like side jobs, etc. But by keeping focused on what you are trying to accomplish and continuing to implement what works and discard what doesn’t, you are well on your way to succeeding in whatever it is you are attempting.

One aspect that you will see common among people that have used failure as a learning tool, is they never stop learning. They are constantly making themselves better at everything they do. They read and follow other successful people and try to emulate what those people have done. It is truly a case of success begets success.

Focusing Is A Challenge

When you’re working in any type of business, focus is critical.  It can be the difference between achieving your goals and seeing them slip way.  focus, habitsBefore you can improve your focus, it’s important to assess where it is right now.

But gauging your level of focus can be a challenge.  How do you measure something that can’t be attached to a number?  With focus, you’re not looking to quantitatively measure your focus.  Instead you want to get an idea of the big picture.

One way you can gauge your focus is by asking yourself if you’re accomplishing what you want to accomplish in a given period of time.  That could be a daily task list or it could be weekly or monthly goals that you’ve set.

It’s possible that you’ve set goals that are unattainable, but often if you aren’t reaching your goals it’s because you’re distracted and not focusing on being productive.  It’s important to take a hard look at your goals and determine what the problem is.

It can be beneficial to spend a few days tracking the time you’re spending on specific tasks.  For example, in a typical work day how often are you getting distracted by time wasters such as social media or social phone calls?

Even if you use social media for your business, are you getting distracted by personal interactions?  You may find that when you keep track of a few days you’re spending much more time away from work than you realize.

Keeping a journal is a great way to gauge your focus levels and see where you can make improvements.  It can help you get back on track and improved your time management skills for better performance.

Is your day planned?  Or do you spend a lot of your day just tackling random things?  People who have the most focus tend to plan their day and schedule what work will be done during specific times.  If you’re not doing this, chances are your focus can be improved.

You should also think about the breaks that you’re taking throughout the day.  Many people think that taking breaks means a lack of focus, but the opposite is true.  If you’re never taking a break you may actually become more distracted.  The most focused people take scheduled breaks so that they can refocus their mind.

If you’re questioning whether or not you’re focused in your work, chances are you’re struggling in this area.  The good news is that even if you struggle with focus, there are several specific things you can do to improve your focus and increase your productivity.


The Power of Focus – 5 Ways Lack of Focus Can Sabotage Your Life

It’s not true that lack of focus is inevitable and can keep us from achieving all we can in life.  The implications of lack of focus are many – and it focus, habits,  can sabotage your life in ways that you may not suspect. You may develop mental and physical health problems and it could put a severe strain on personal and work relationships.

Severe and continued lack of focus can indicate that you may have ADD/ADHD which can affect adults as well as children. But, most people who suffer from lack of focus have a temporary condition that can be treated or turned around.

If you’re suffering from lack of focus in some or all areas of your life, aspects of your life may be headed downhill. For example, if you’re finding it difficult to focus at work, you may not get that raise or promotion. Here are five common ways that lack of focus can sabotage your life:

  1. Depression – Lack of focus can make you extremely unhappy in both your personal and business life. You aren’t living in the moment or focusing on what you’re currently involved in and spend hours on mindless activities.
  2. Fatigue – Lack of focus and flitting from one thing to another with no end in sight can cause severe fatigue. You may begin sleeping more than you should or have bouts of sleeping less so that you wake up tired. It may come to the point that it’s difficult to function normally.
  3. Ill Health – You may be affected physically by lack of focus. Decreased energy levels may make it difficult for you to get enough exercise, stick to a healthy diet and make you more susceptible to various illnesses – both long and short term.
  4. Inability to Cope – When you suffer from lack of focus, you may feel mentally exhausted and unable to cope with even the simplest aspects of daily life. Mental exhaustion can also keep you from achieving deadlines at work or concentrating on a difficult task.
  5. Procrastination – An inability to focus may put you at risk for procrastinating about things on your ‘to-do’ list. This, in turn, causes high anxiety and more stress. It can become a vicious circle that’s difficult to break.

Lack of focus can cause hardships in every area of your life. Relationships can be greatly affected because when you lack focus, your mind tends to be scattered. Your personality changes and you become more irritable, impatient and forgetful.

For some, lack of focus can become a habit that’s difficult to overcome. But, there are ways to fight back and regain your concentration powers. There are many online sites that can help, but if the problem continues, you should discuss it with your health care provider.

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Are You Wasting Time ?

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It Takes One Good Idea


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The Power of Good Habits

Do you have dreams and desires for your life? If so, that is wonderful, but do you really know how you are going to achieve all of these reduce stress, habits, good habitsthings? One way to do just this is by growing your life with good habits. This article will take a look at some general, good habits that will help you with this.

The first few habits you should form to help you grow your life are based around your health. Without good health you won’t get very far. So get into the habit of exercising and eating healthy foods. You don’t have to go crazy and change everything in one day. Just starting adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Then add in an evening or morning walk. Once you do these things repeatedly a new habit will be formed.

How good are you with your finances?  Do you pay your bills on time?  Do you have any type of savings or retirement plan in place?  If not this is another habit you need to create. Start working on saving a little money each paycheck. Know where you spend your money, if you have to use a spreadsheet and track your income and your expenses. This way you will really know what shape your finances are in.

Make use of technology to help stay organized in your life. This includes using calendars, daily and weekly planners, to-do lists and more. There really is an App for just about everything these days. With everyone having at least one mobile device use an App that will sync to your home computer, so you are always up to date.

Another type of plan you need to grow your life is that of having a future or life plan. Do you know where you would like to be in 10 years from now? What job will you be doing, or where will you live?

There is no reason why you can’t map all of this out. When you do this, you can then just work backwards and create the steps of how to reach your goals. As you see each step you will know if forming a new habit is required. One such habit could be to save $100 extra each month. Or it may include the habit of learning a new skill to help you get that promotion, which in turn allows you to live the lifestyle you are dreaming of.

It is possible to improve your life just by forming some good habits. Think about the lifestyle you want and then form habits that will help you reach it.