When you are trying to develop good habits, the environment you have set up for yourself can make or break whether you succeed. You want to give yourself the biggest chance of success. It can really help when your surroundings are at their optimal settings. Keep your environment clutter free. There is nothing worse than […]

Forming Positive Habits Is Easier When You Break Negative Ones People develop bad habits during their lifetime. Some are really difficult to break. But if the bad habits can be broken it will make forming positive habits that much easier. Take smoking, for instance. There aren’t too many people that will disagree that this is […]

If you want to incorporate positive habits into your life, consider following successful people. This is not to say that successful people don’t have bad habits. But on the whole, they tend to have a higher percentage of good habits. That’s how they got where they are. Many successful people have books written about their […]

Americans work too much. We get an average of two weeks’ vacation, and many workers don’t even take advantage of that time. Many will go to work when they are sick because there is simply too much work to be done, or so they believe. Contrast this with other countries. Many Europeans enjoy six weeks […]

There are differences between brain games and brain training. It’s very much like doing a couple of sit ups compared to going to the gym and following the regimen specified by your trainer. This doesn’t mean that brain games don’t have their uses. They do. But, to get the full benefits of optimal brain activity, […]

There are many benefits to living more simply, and everyone has different reasons for choosing to simply their life. But there are definitely some reoccurring benefits that you see on almost everyone’s “reasons to simplify” list. See which of these could motivate you to choose a simplified lifestyle. More time—Everyone would like more time, but […]

You’ll see many books with “21 days” somewhere in their titles. In many of these titles, it has to do with good habits that the author is going to try to help you accomplish. The reason for the 21 days is that is the number of days you need to perform tasks for them to […]

Your mind is made up of two components; the conscious and subconscious (or unconscious) mind. The conscious mind controls everything that you are aware of and is often likened to the tip of the iceberg as it is actually only a fraction of the mind. The subconscious is the largest part of the mind and […]

When fear begins to interfere with your life and you suspect it’s holding you back from accomplishing all you could be, it’s time to identify the fears and work toward eliminating them from your life or diminishing them so much you don’t know they’re there most of the time. Even though your fears seem to […]

It’s not true that lack of focus is inevitable and can keep us from achieving all we can in life. Just because we sometimes feel overwhelmed from the distractions and volumes of material that comes to us from television, computers and other devices doesn’t mean that we must focus on our goals. A few decades […]