How To Reduce Stress – Create a Healthy Mindset

Do you feel you could use a healthier attitude toward life? Would you like to approach things in a different way? Is a healthier lifestyle attainable?How to reduce stress

  • The stress of modern life can sometimes make it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, you can start living healthy, today, by adopting a healthy mindset.

Even if you find yourself leaning toward a pessimistic attitude, you can still achieve a healthy mindset. You just need to go about it in the right way.

How You Can Have a Healthier Mindset

Many people sit back, look at their lives, and wish they could view things in a more positive manner. Then they beat themselves up for being negative or not having the attitude and responses they wish they had. This typical response doesn’t do anybody any good.

  • Instead of feeling angry with yourself for responding to life the way you normally do, think positively about your desire to have a healthier mindset.

Building a Healthy and Safe Support Network

One of the most effective paths to a healthier mindset is to find ways to deal with the stress in your life. For some people, this is as simple as writing in a journal or blog every day. Other people find that talking with friends or joining a support group is a rewarding experience.

  • It’s important to give voice to your thoughts and emotions. How you do this is up to you.

Eating Healthy = Feeling Healthy

Another way to achieve a healthier mindset is to eat the right foods and get enough rest. When you feed your body healthy, nutritious foods and get the rest you need, you feel better all over. Your attitude, as well as your body, feels refreshed.

Food and rest will not change the way you respond to things if you tend to respond negatively, but it will be a great start. You don’t have to give up all junk food and your late night activities, but try swapping carrot sticks for French fries and an hour of sleep for Leno.

You’ll find that you’ll be able to acquire a healthier mindset when you take active steps to deal with your stress and treat your body with the tender loving care it deserves. Suddenly the world becomes a much more positive place when you pair these things with positive thinking.

  • Positive thinking begins when you affirm the positives in your life. You can use the power of positive affirmations to reprogram your mind so you can think in a healthier and more positive way.

For example, each morning you could say, “I make positive choices for the best of my body, mind, and soul.” You can use positive affirmations in moments of weakness when you are tempted to fill up on junk food, respond negatively to something, or trade sleep for something less important.

When you create a healthy mindset by making good choices about food, rest, and positive thinking, you’ll enjoy the new ways you think, feel, and live. You’ll discover that your happier, healthier lifestyle has arrived!

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7 Strategies for Living a Mindful Life to Reduce Stress

Part of good health is having a positive attitude. Additionally, participating in conscious living — carefully considering your actions and how they



impact yourself, others and the environment.

Conscious living encourages you to better examine your life and your choices. The idea is to live so that you are a better person, and so that you impact others

It’s never too late to make a new choice or reverse your life’s course. One way to live a more enriched life is to be conscious of what you’re doing at every moment. Staying connected with your feelings.

Here’s an example situation: You’ve decided to stop eating potato chips and chocolate. You make a pledge to yourself to watch what you eat. But two hours later, you suddenly realize you’re sitting in front of the television, bag of potato chips in hand.

Now imagine the same scenario, yet this time you behave differently. You spend some time thinking about how to ensure you avoid potato chips and chocolate. You decide to take your junk food over to a friend’s house and leave it there. At dinner, you smile to yourself as you prepare to eat a salad and baked chicken because you plan to thoughtfully focus on eating healthy.

The second scenario demonstrates the concept of living a conscious life. Knowing what you want, choosing how you spend your time, and staying in touch with your feelings are indicators of a conscious life.

There are many techniques you can implement to help you purposely live the way you want to. When you live consciously, you’re no longer a victim of the wind, being blown about this way and that way by the circumstances of your life. You can create the life you desire with conscious living.

Try these ideas to get you started and inspire you on your journey:

1.  Create the life you want one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • Spend some time exploring what you already love about your life. Also investigate what you’d like to change.
  • Then, think about how you can take deliberate steps to create the life you desire.

2.   Seek balance in your life. For example, if you disagree with someone, take time to consider the other person’s side of the argument.

  • Allow yourself to change your mind.

3.  Live in the present moment. You’ve most likely heard this suggestion before. But what does it really mean to live in the moment? Consider this example:

  • While you’re visiting your mother, think about her and enjoy your conversation and activities together. Avoid making your store list mentally or trying to recall what else you have to do today. Just stay in the present moment with your mother and focus on what the two of you are doing.

4.  Know yourself. Awareness of your likes and dislikes is important to conscious living.

  • Learn what’s important to you. Discover what makes you tick, what drives you, and what you find inspiring.
  • Self-understanding is an integral part of living life consciously because if you know your preferences and motivations, you can then create circumstances that will enable you to accomplish your goals.

5.    Live your own truth. As a teenager, you might have gravitated toward peers who didn’t judge you, which made you feel more comfortable. Perhaps, in actuality, you didn’t have all that much in common with them. As an adult, you can now stay more true to your own beliefs.

  • When you live your truth, you stay faithful to what’s genuinely important to you.

6.  Learn to let go of negativity and situations you can’t control.

  • Conserve your emotional energy for what you actually can change: yourself and your own life. Now that’s conscious living!

7.  Take action. Become interested and involved in the goals you’ve set. Put effort into achieving those objectives and you’ll be well on the road to living consciously.

Altering how you live your life can be an ongoing challenge. Selecting just one of the above ideas and putting it into practice will help you begin your journey toward conscious living. Living life consciously will bring you the healthier, more joyful existence that you deserve.

Take Care of Yourself Set Boundaries Not Endless Acts of Generosity

If you are a natural giver like me this is actually tougher then it looks to implement.  For a natural giver it can be difficult to say no 1808642and set boundaries.  But I will tell you this natural takers will never stop taking.  You can never out give to them and they will never feel like they have taken enough.

We all learn that it is important to act unselfishly, but can you take it too far?  In 1984, psychologist Nancy McWilliams coined the term “pathological altruism.” It refers to someone who has a compulsive need to offset guilt, shame, or other negative feelings at the sight of another’s suffering by devoting their life to humanitarianism.

This altruism turns destructive when people end up hurting the very things they want to help. Think animal hoarders.  However, there are various shades of grey which can appear in your professional or social life.

It may be you turning into a pathos altruist or perhaps an employee or co-worker.  Similar to hoarders or cults, the behavior does require some intervention as it can lead to tension and bad feelings in the workplace.  It can also affect work deadlines and family priorities when you are tied up helping everyone else.

According to Lynn E. O’Connor, director of the Wright Institute’s Emotions, Personality, & Altruism Research Group, there’s a practical solution.

If you feel the urge to swoop in as someone’s savior, take a moment to consider whether the target of your altruism actually wants or needs your assistance.

It’s a lesson in learning to say “no” and setting personal boundaries of involvement.  Establishing a champion mindset means asking yourself how this type of commitment helps you achieve your goals.  It’s not all about selfless service.

Living Without Fear Part 1. What are you afraid of?

Let’s be honest here for a moment. If you want to develop a life changing mindset, you have to stand up and face your fears.  More than likely, living life has intensified your fears.  Fears such as being jobless; or the fear of losing a relationship; or 1the fear of change.

You’ve got to own up to your fears if you want to make it through without a scratch.

The better you get at handling painful thoughts and feelings, the more effectively you can take action to make your life rich and meaningful.

As we progress through this 5 part article series, we’ll work through some truly authentic principles.

And in order to eliminate your fears and have the kind of life you deserve, you’ll need to follow through on the simple strategies you’ll be given.

So, are you ready to get started?  Let’s take a brief look at 6 core  principles that will lead you to a life free from fear. They include…

  1. Deactivation
  2. Expansion
  3. Connection
  4. Observation
  5. Values
  6. Committed Action

Here’s a very brief look at each of them.


By learning to deactivate painful and unpleasant thoughts, they will lose their ability to frighten, disturb, worry, or stress you.  Your fears will have much less influence over your behavior.


In this step you have to make room for pleasant feelings and sensations, instead of just trying to ignore or push negative thoughts from your mind.


This refers to staying in the present moment. You’ll want to connect fully with whatever is happening in the here and now.  Put all of your focus and attention on whatever you’re doing.


In order to sever your relationship with fearful thoughts and feelings, you have to get to know yourself and your strengths.


One of the most essential steps for making your life more meaningful and eliminating your fears is to clarify and connect with your values.  Your values will motivate you to make important changes.


The only way to end your fears is to take action, but not just any action.  It only happens through effective and committed action: action that you take again and again. no matter how many times you fail or go off the beaten path.

Okay… so what have you noticed?

It’s important to remember that while these six core principals can transform your life, you won’t change your life by simply reading them here.  To make any lasting change in your life, you have to make the commitment to action.

In a couple of days I’m going to reveal some secret strategies about how to live a life free from fear.  You will put them into action. Right?

Inspirational Quote – “Do Your Best”

A problem is a a chance for you to do your best ~ Duke Ellington

Whatever problems you’re dealing with today… Do Your Best.

a problem is a chance for you to do your best

Inspirational Quote – “Be Different”

Whatever you do be different – That was the advice my mother gave me, and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur, if you’re different you stand out. ~ Anita Roddick

What are you going to do today in your business to be different?


Destressology – Turn Your Chaos Into Peace

The majority of us live stressful and hectic lives. It seems that we’re busy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and never df484cac58a565e4ccd8d8b97264e88chave adequate time to get done what we need to do. Whether it’s your employer requiring you to work more hours than you want to, your children needing you right away, or your partner looking for your undivided attention, every day seems like a whirlwind.

You love your family and need your job, but chances are, you tend to neglect yourself in the process. It’s extremely important that you don’t allow this to happen. Put aside some time each and every day to make YOU a priority.

With a little imagination and time management, there are ways to find peace in your day-to-day chaos. When you turn off the outside chaos, it gives you a chance to rejoice in all that is good and right with your world right now. And when you do this, you emerge with renewed energy and a fresh new attitude!

Follow these tips to enjoy more peace in your life:

1. Read a good book. If you’re one of the many who enjoy reading, this may be just what you need. You can spend some time immersed in a different place or time, which will help you regain your calm. If you need a little inspiration try reading a biography. When you see how others have overcome extreme adversity, you’re bound to feel a lot better about your own situation. If you have a hard time focusing for long periods of time, try an audio book instead. Join auto university. After all, the cost of tuition is pretty minuscule when you compare it to that of your local hometown college.

2. Listen to uplifting music. Music has always had wonderful and mysterious powers. It’s used to calm children, the elderly, and even animals during times of stress and angst. Play music that appeals to you. Dance, sing along, or just sit back and listen to its beautiful melody.

3. Reflect and meditate. Focus on everything that’s good and right with your life. Think of those you love and what you hope for them in the future. Think about your own future as well and what you hope to achieve in your lifetime.

• Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable chair, or lie down on your bed. Block out all sources of stress and think only positive thoughts.

4. Enjoy some family time. Spending time with those you love is often a great stress reliever. Choose a fun activity that you can all enjoy. You may want to play a board game or pop some popcorn and watch a movie together.

  • It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can have some fun and relax together. 

5. Get some assistance from the experts. There are many invaluable books written today on the topics of de-stressing and de-cluttering your life. Get an audio book. When you’re stuck in traffic, rather than getting upset, why not turn this time into a way to de-stress?

6. Slow down. Take your time, stop and smell the roses, and listen to the birds chirp. Everything you need so desperately to accomplish will still be there waiting for you five minutes later. It’s a beautiful world out there! Do everything you can to make sure you enjoy every minute of it.

Use these tips every day to help you discover all the beautiful and wondrous things in your life and you’ll also find peace in your chaos!