Here’s a quick way to decrease stress and depression

Is there a relationship between stress and depression – you betcha there is.  Everybody’s stressed out these days. If you don’t do something about it can how to reduce stress, stress reduction, , stress, stress management techniques eventually lead to depression.  When you feel depressed, you just want to lie on the sofa while the television drones on in the background. You aren’t really watching anything that takes too much energy.

The last thing you want to do is get outside – but that’s exactly what you need to do.  The challenge of depression is acting against what you feel inclined to do. Yet if you get moving, you’ll find surprising relief from the stress and depression that seems to choke you.

 Exercise is an absolute necessity  to regaining a sense of self-control.  It helps you focus on something other then the situation that’s causing you to feel stressed and depressed. It also provides a better night’s sleep, which helps your immune system rally against your stress factors.

 When your stressed to the point of depression don’t place too many demands on yourself. You’ll only  feel overwhelmed.  So you have to start with simple, specific steps, such as:


·        Begin with basic self-care. Set your alarm clock and get out of bed without lying there thinking about it. Then go directly to take a shower and get dressed in clean clothes. No pajamas – real clothes.


·        Set a place with real dishes at the table for your breakfast. Even if you only eat a bagel and drink juice, don’t do it standing up in the kitchen. Sit down and eat as if you were in a restaurant. And if you have good china, use it.


·        Choose one activity outside the house to complete before lunch. That might be something as simple as walking around the block or going outside to water the flowers.


·        Drive to a nearby mall or large discount store. Start at one end and walk up and down every aisle. When you get to the other side, start aisle-walking again until you’re back where you started. Then you can go back and look at anything that seemed interesting. Something is bound to catch your eye and get the focus off the situation.  The key is to get moving.


·        Go to a park in the late afternoon. Find the swing set and swing. It’s amazing how this activity makes you feel like a child who is happy to be outdoors.


·        If you’re going to watch television watch something funny.  For one of my clients  it was watching the old classic “I Love Lucy”.  She had  seem all the episodes many times so they don’t require concentration but will still get her  to smile


Exercise to relieve stress and depression doesn’t have to mean marathon training or aerobics. You don’t even have to go to the gym unless you’re ready to go. Even simple activities will make a big difference in your mood.


When you realize that nothing in life is permanent and that the storm you’re caught up in right now will eventually pass, you’ll take a big step towards reducing stress and depression. And combine this with tips and techniques above you’ll have an effective strategy to help the situation pass quickly.


I hope this made you think about how you handle stress and depression.  Let me know how you’re going to use this information in your life by leaving a comment.  See the link underneath this sentence.

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