Plan, Plan and Plan Some More When Writing Online Content

The best way to always think of SEO techniques when writing for the net is to find ways to build it into the planning phase of each writing project.

How does one keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing tips at the top-of-their-mind when writing online content? Although there are several ways to build SEO into writing projects, planning, planning, and more planning is the best way to integrate SEO techniques in all online writing.

Keyword Research

SEO is what separates one site from another in the search engines results challenge. Keyword research is the driving force behind SEO. Keyword research involves finding primary and secondary keywords that are applicable to the topic of the writing. Those words will be used in the title, the first paragraph, headings, and subheadings.

If a company or organization uses a predetermined set of standards (fonts, sizes, printing phone numbers, and fax numbers, etc.) for writing press releases, brochures or articles, include SEO keyword research as part of the standards. Completing keyword research can easily be incorporated into those standards and will also help make SEO top-of-mind.

Writing with Keywords

Writing using SEO content writing services will get more natural and routine the more times it is used. Always start the writing process by asking how customers will find this information.

Keep in mind that reported in June 2008 that 80 percent of internet sales started with a keyword search.

That is a lot of searching and a lot of competition to make it to the top-of-the-list. If a company wants their web site to be at the top of the results lists, then SEO is the way to go. Use good, ethical SEO techniques when writing web content and the information stands a better chance of making it the top-of-the-list every time – all the time.

Web Site Performance Reports

Another good way to keep SEO at top-of-mind is to compare results. Many of the web site host companies include site usage reporting as part of the hosting fee. Monitor those reports and watch for the results of SEO written versus non-SEO written content and SEO writing will fast become the first thing that comes to mind when writing any online content.

The Net Pay Off

Online content is the way to go these days to get noticed. Writing and publishing online content is a great way to build trust, consumer confidence, and great public relations. Use planning, make SEO part of the company’s writing standards, monitor web site reports, use PPC ad optimization services so you can use SEO effectively and successfully and to keep SEO at top-of-mind.