Eliminate Time Clutter – Create A Not To Do List


Most people are overwhelmed by having busy lives, and most likely they have some to-do list in the form of a note on the mobile phone or computer, a piece of paper etc. Looking at that list might make you crazy since there are too many things to do and so little time.

In my experience, the list is growing and growing until it becomes an alligator that bites.

So can you get control of your to-do list?

Start by creating a not to do list instead. You can write for example I’m not gonna waste my time doing things, that are not going to be of value for my clients. This will make me stay on course and do the things for adding value. Because if I tell myself that I need to write some article, it won’t motivate me enough, but if I say that I will add some value to my work, will motivate me a lot more.